2 Mvp 838 Plus

MVP 838 Plus

Built to the highest standard to equip you and your team with the rugged yet reliable and secure digital mobile radio. Make your workplace more efficient with outstanding digital voice and advanced features such as a seamless switch to analog mode and back. It is rated IP65 for superior protection against water and dust.


  • Meets the requirements for IP65 Ingress Protection Standards, keeping the radio protected in both very wet & dusty environments
  • Able to operate both in digital or analog modes with a smooth analog-to-digital transition
  • Scan function allows you to monitor the activities on both your analog and digital channels
  • MIL810F standards
  • Versatile calls and data service
  • Wide band frequencies
Frequency Range 400-470MHz
No. of Channels 32
Dimensions 96.5 (H) x 54 (W) x 33 (D) mm
Weight 275g (including battery)


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