Video Analytics

The MVP Video Analytics is an integrated platform that comprises the Video Management System; Analytics using AI and CV; and the capability to fully support hosted, hybrid and private deployments.

The platform helps your team manage the growing number of surveillance videos more efficiently and enable them to track and find them easily. This makes work more efficient for your staff, allowing them to capture video content and more importantly reduce their workload.

What makes the solution unique?

  • Works with any existing infrastructure
  • Scalable, and elastic architecture, starting from hundreds to thousands of cameras
  • Can be deployed on the cloud or on premises within private network
  • Analytics license not tied to the camera, and can be switched between multiple cameras

With the platform, you can:

  • Run multiple analytics on a camera – without the extra load at location/on camera
  • Neural networks trained using custom data sets
  • Extensible
    – Train custom objects
    – Volumetric analysis
  • Event notifications
    – Email, text, push

How the MVP Video Analytics work

The Analytics platform features settings and events details that quickly enable your staff to take action. The Video Management System allows you to use the software to monitor your video feed around the clock, and can notify you of any activity so you only need to watch the cameras when a situation occurs.

The MVP Video Analytics can be used for:


  • Zone intrusion
  • Line crossing
  • Object watch
  • Object left behind


  • People count
  • Loitering
  • Minimum staffing
  • Face and gender detection
  • Facial recognition


  • Classification – bus, car, truck, pickup, bicycle, motorbike, auto
  • Vehicle count
  • Stopped vehicle
  • Wrong direction
  • License plate

Here are a few examples:

Vehicle Count


Social Distancing


License Plate

Licenseplate1 Licenseplate2

Object Watch



What advantage does MVP Video Analytics provide

The MVP Video Analytics offers a wide variety of features that can support any infrastructure and system. It can help you

  • Reduce workload
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Scale easily
  • Save time
  • Allow remote monitoring
  • Less work to install system and maintain

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