Boom Headset

This is a full “aircraft pilot” style headset for walkie-talkie radio users. It has a boom mic which is ideal for use in noisy environments.


  • Padded ear muffs for comfort
  • Hinged boom arm for fine adjustment
  • Boom arm pivots along ear cup to enable users to wear headset with most safety helmets / hardhats
  • Available for other walkie talkie make and models

Ptt Standard Earpiece

This headset uses an earbud that fits in your ear, and a small microphone that clips on your shirt.


  • Available for other walkie talkie make and models

Ptt Remote Speaker Mic

Remote Speaker Microphones are ideal for operatives who need to communicate without removing the radio from the belt, case or charger.


  • Made from durable, impact resistant thermoplastic.
  • Windporting
  • Noise-canceling acoustics
  • IP57 water / dust protection
  • Available for other walkie talkie make and models

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Audio Accessories

This earpiece/mic has an in-ear “earbud” with a support that holds it in the ear, and an in-line microphone with PTT button and a clip to attach it to the wearer’s clothing.

This is the best earpiece/microphone for use where very loud music is playing, such as clubs, bars and music events.

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