Radio communications have evolved through the years, paving way for options that meet the needs and requirements of today’s organizations.

Analogue (or analog) radio is a traditional type of radio. It has been around for a long time which makes it a reliable form of wireless communication since its introduction in the 1930s. Even to this day, most business would still use analogue. They use frequency modulation (FM) that creates constant wave with the voice signal. This makes it simple to install and therefore cost efficient.

This type comes with standard features:

  • Push-to-talk
  • One-to-one or one-to-many conversations
  • Scanning
  • Limited encryption

Digital radio is a new radio technology that delivers a much better audio quality at a much greater distance than analogue. It provides more feature-rich options such as

  • Better calling range
  • Better audio
  • Increase in coverage
  • Advanced software

Push-to-talk over cellular is the next-generation radio communication technology. It delivers instant yet secure communication over carrier networks or broadband connectivity, making it possible to communicate with other users anywhere in the world. It offers one touch instant communication with one or to many in less than a second. Push to talk communication offers intuitive and easy to use built for business as it can be managed using a dispatch management system. It can provide not just instant talk, but live GPS tracking, emergency alert notifications and more.

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