Improve Workplace Safety with Body Cameras

If a picture is more than a thousand words, then a video is more than a thousand pieces of evidence. Body-worn cameras have been regarded these days as an excellent way of capturing data as clear as high definition. The device is properly worn by mounting it on the chest area, which offers instant and accurate information (do we say in real-time?). The police, security force and first emergency responders were among the first professionals to adopt this surveillance technology. The footage they capture during an interaction or a scenario provides them way much better documentation than eyewitnesses. Why?

• The clips could confirm the actual event – and are verifiable!
• They provide better transparency
• Can support accounts expressed by both the users and the community
• Can accelerate quicker resolutions

From Security to Workplace Safety

Today, there has been increasing use of body cameras to other industries where safety is the top priority. Body-worn cameras are no longer limited to law enforcement police officers in their fight against crime but have been expanded to other industries like building and construction.

Construction job sites are dangerous work environments. The Fatal Four – Falls, electrocutions, struck by objects, and caught-in/between equipment – were the common causes of worker fatalities, according to OSHA ( The good news is this: the industry is now taking full advantage of body cameras to maintain and monitor a worksite and its dangers because safety managers know that the lack of reporting, high turnover, miscommunication, and training can result to project delays and cost overruns.

The body-worn camera’s live streaming is a welcome feature; it allows users to alert the headquarters to a potential issue, streaming live footage and audio back to the main base. This real-time situational awareness can guarantee better-informed decisions so everyone can take immediate action.

The role of AI in reducing worker accidents

What with all the precautionary measures we take, it is an unavoidable fact there are situations that we cannot control particularly in the job sites. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can help. The Internet of Things (IoT) is good at gathering data in every situation and can analyze it in real-time. This makes it easier and faster for safety executives to monitor potentially hazardous environments with so much efficiency.

BCW68, one of MVP’s lineup of body cameras, supports the use of AI. It can be used with radio communications (2-way radios) to facilitate effective and stable voice and video streaming operations. Because of this, it can now meet one’s surveillance needs in addition to traditional evidence management by delivering these capabilities. These are:

• Job or fault reporting
• Identification of potential work hazards or work site progress
• Facial recognition to detect unauthorized access
• Multiple sites live streaming
• Checkpoint reporting and tracking
• Smart use of BCW along with suitable communications equipment (conventional walkie or islandwide walkie talkie) for better workforce, project or fleet management

BCW68 Body Camera supports AI

In the future, more advanced AI features can be introduced to recognize workplace disasters as they happen.

It’s time to manage all aspects of your health, safety, and security of your workplace

We want businesses to stay on top of the biggest safety challenges and provide everyone with the best safety solutions not just for the police, security, and building and construction but across all industries.

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